About us

Compressed Air System Sales and Service:

Evergreen Compressed Air is an industrial air compressor distributor who provides the most efficient, reliable, and technologically advanced compressed air solutions, parts, air dryers and vacuum system components. We offer sales, repair and maintenance services in greater Seattle area.

Evergreen Compressed Air and Vacuum was founded on principles of energy reduction, environmental conservation, and dependability. Our service and product offering was developed specifically to deliver energy savings to your company, through compressed air usage reduction, energy efficient compressed air equipment, and maintenance procedures to ensure continuous efficiency throughout the life of the system. We utilize a lean approach to identify areas for improvement and then implement changes with control systems in place to generate ongoing savings for you.

We want to help you reduce the total cost of your compressed air system. Allow us to review your compressed air usage, system, and future business plans to get a comprehensive assessment of your compressed air usage, waste, and needs. We will then work together to identify energy saving solutions to lower to energy bills.