Oil-free air compressors are cutting-edge machines designed to deliver compressed air without the use of oil lubrication. This feature is crucial for industries requiring pristine air quality, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacturing, where even trace amounts of oil can compromise product integrity.

Evergreen Compressed Air and Vaccum offers ELGi compressors, renowned for their reliability, energy efficiency, and superior performance. These compressors utilize advanced technologies to ensure the highest levels of air purity, meeting stringent industry standards and regulations. With ELGi oil-free compressors, businesses can achieve uninterrupted production, safeguarding product quality and maximizing operational efficiency.


Every customer of ELGi AB Series globally can rest assured of contamination-free compressed air, with a guaranteed reduction in emissions, and the assurance of Class Zero air quality, completely free from oil residues, at all times.

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Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors 60-500 Hp

ELGi stands among the select air compressor companies that create and produce oil-free airends, employing proprietary technology to engineer compressors that prioritize optimal uptime and dependability.

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  • ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 Certification : Ensuring contaminant-free compressed air for critical industries like pharmaceuticals and food processing.
  • Distinct Design and Technology Ownership : ELGi's in-house designed and manufactured oil-free airends guarantee maximum uptime and reliability.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership : ELGi’s air compressors eliminate energy waste, reduce maintenance time and cost, and offer easy access to components.
  • Highest Efficiency and Reliability : With PTFE-based food-grade PP coating on airend rotors and housing, our compressors withstand high temperatures and deliver optimum performance without efficiency loss.


  • Textile Industry : Oil-free air compressors play a vital role in textile manufacturing, providing clean and contaminant-free compressed air essential for spinning, weaving, dyeing, and other processes. They ensure the quality of the final textile products by eliminating the risk of oil contamination, thereby enhancing product integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • Food and Beverage Industry : In the food and beverage sector, maintaining product purity is paramount. These compressors guarantee the production of safe and hygienic compressed air, free from oil and other contaminants. This is crucial for various applications such as food processing, packaging, and bottling, where even the slightest contamination could compromise product quality and consumer safety.
  • Automotive : These compressors find extensive use in the automotive industry for a wide range of applications. From operating pneumatic tools on the production line to providing clean compressed air for painting and finishing processes, these compressors ensure high-quality air without the risk of oil contamination. This is essential for maintaining the integrity of automotive components and achieving impeccable surface finishes.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry : In the pharmaceutical sector, where product purity and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable, oil-free air compressors are indispensable. These compressors deliver clean and sterile compressed air required for critical pharmaceutical processes such as drug manufacturing, packaging, and filling. By adhering to strict regulatory standards and ensuring the absence of oil contaminants, oil-free compressors contribute to the safety, efficacy, and integrity of pharmaceutical products, safeguarding public health.

How should I choose between an oil-free or oil-lubricated rotary screw air compressor?

Choosing between an oil-free and an oil-lubricated rotary screw air compressor depends on your specific application requirements, air quality needs, and operational preferences. The decision between an oil-free and an oil-lubricated rotary screw air compressor should be based on your specific needs. Here are some key factors to consider when making this decision:

Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

  • Air Purity Requirements : Consider the level of air purity needed for your applications. If your processes require completely oil-free air to prevent contamination,an oil-free compressor is essential.
  • Maintenance and Oil-Free Operation : Oil-free compressors generally have lower maintenance requirements since there's no need for oil changes or filtration of oil contaminants. This can lead to reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings : While oil-free compressors often have higher upfront costs, they can provide long-term cost savings by eliminating the need for oil-related maintenance, reducing the risk of downtime, and ensuring consistent air quality.

Oil-Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

  • Initial Cost and Budget : Oil-lubricated compressors generally have a lower upfront cost compared to oil-free models. If budget constraints are a concern, an oil-lubricated compressor might be a more economical choice.
  • Application Flexibility : Oil-lubricated compressors are suitable for a wide range of general industrial applications where air quality is not a critical factor. If your application doesn't require strict air purity, an oil-lubricated compressor can be considered.
  • Energy Efficiency and Technology : Modern oil-lubricated compressors are designed with energy-efficient features. Some models incorporate variable speed drives (VSD) to optimize energy consumption by matching output to demand.
  • Ease of Maintenance and Flexibility : Oil-lubricated compressors may require more frequent maintenance due to oil changes and filter replacements. However, maintenance procedures are often straightforward, and technicians are familiar with oil-based systems.

How should I choose the best rotary screw air compressor for my facility?

Ultimately choosing the right rotary screw air compressor for your facility depends on a few key factors such as: air demand and capacity, efficiency and energy consumption, air quality requirements, maintenance and reliability, and budget and total cost of ownership.

Evergreen Compressed Air and Vacuum serves as your partner in choosing the best compressed air system for your facility. Contact us today, we would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!


Class 0 oil-free air certification is the highest standard for air purity, indicating that the compressed air produced by oil-free air compressors is entirely free from oil contaminants. This certification is crucial for industries with stringent quality requirements, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and healthcare, where even minimal oil contamination can have severe consequences

Oil-free air compressors eliminate oil-related maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and oil disposal, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Additionally, they minimize energy waste due to pressure drops, leading to increased energy efficiency and reduced operational costs over the compressor's lifespan. The design of oil-free compressors also facilitates easy access to components, further reducing maintenance time and costs.