Evergreen Compressed Air and Vacuum is proud to supply ELGi Portable Air Compressors as its number one tow behind air compressor offering. ELGi has more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high technology air compressor products. ELGi portable air compressors are environmentally friendly, noise compliant, reliable, and have a low life cycle cost. Their portable compressors range from 35 cfm to 800 cfm, with nine different models, perfect for a variety of applications.

All ELGi Portable Air Compressors come with a 5-year / Unlimited Hour Air End Warranty.


The ELGi GP35FP, a compact portable air compressor producing 35 cfm at 218 psi, is tailor-made for fiber optic cable installation professionals, offering fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability.

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ELGi’s GP75 is a versatile portable gas air compressor with a compact design, extreme maneuverability, and easy maintenance access, which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Instead of choosing a diesel-powered compressor that is designed for single-tool use, opt for ELGi’s D90KA tow-behind portable compressor.

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The quiet, fuel-efficient, and reliable ELGi D185T4F is a portable diesel air compressor offering 185 cfm at 100 psi.

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ELGi’s DS185T4F has the smallest footprint in its class, so you can save space without sacrificing power or performance.

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ELGi’s D300T4F offers a perfect balance between a 185 cfm and 400 cfm portable air compressor.

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With the dual pressure D400T4F, you can operate at 100 psi and 150 psi. Enjoy efficiency with Cummin’s quiet engine, providing 11-hours of runtime.

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When you select ELGi’s D425T4F, you’re choosing durability and efficiency. Equipped with Cummin’s quiet and efficient engine, you can enjoy up to 11 hours of runtime.

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ELGi’s D800T4F operates at 150 psi / 800 cfm - it is equipped with a powerful FPT engine and ELGi’s efficient air-end, lowering the total cost of ownership.

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Why choose a portable air compressor?

There are several advantages to choosing a portable air compressor, all depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

Portable and Compact

As the name suggests, portable air compressors are designed to be easily moved and transported. They are typically smaller and easier to store than stationary models, making them a good choice for applications where space is limited.

Durability and Reliability

Industrial-grade portable air compressors are built to withstands rigorous use in harsh environments. They are durable and can handle continuous operations combined with heavy workloads.

High Power and Capacity

Portable air compressors are designed to deliver substantial air volume and high pressure. They are able to generate enough compressed air to operate large and demanding pneumatic tools and machinery, such as jackhammers, sandblasters, and heavy-duty spray guns.

Longevity and Investment

Although they may be a significant investment upfront, portable air compressors are built to last and generally provide a long service life, resulting in a great return on investment over time due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs. This is especially true for ELGi Portable Air Compressors, because they offer a 5-year / Unlimited Hour Air End Warranty.

How do I select the best portable air compressor for my application?

Selecting the best portable air compressor for your specific application involves considering several key factors to ensure that the compressor meets your needs and provides optimal performance.

Determine your application needs :

Start by clearly defining your compressed air requirements, which consists of considering factors such as required air pressure and flow rate. You’ll need to know the types of tools or equipment you place to power with the compressor.

Consider mobility requirements :

The level of mobility you need will depend on your application and whether you need to move the compressor frequently between job sites.

Evaluate your desired power source :

Decide whether you prefer and electric or gas-powered portable air compressor.

Identify the features :

Ensure the compressor has the features you desire, such as accessibility and ease-of-maintenance features. It’s also important to ensure the compressor has reliable safety features.

Common applications for portable air compressors:

    Construction :

  • Sandblasting and surface preparation for painting or coating
  • Powering post drivers and pile drivers for foundation work
  • Manufacturing :

  • Running CNC machinery
  • Operating pneumatic actuators, clamps, and grippers on assembly lines
  • Mining and Quarrying

  • Providing compressed air for drilling and rock excavation equipment
  • Powering pneumatic drills, crushers, and conveyors in mining operations
  • Automotive and Transportation

  • Used in automotive repair shops, for powering heavy-duty impact wrenches, sanders, and paint booths
  • In commercial truck maintenance, for brake system testing and repair
  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Supplying compressed air for drilling rigs and offshore platforms
  • Operating pneumatic tools in refineries and petrochemical plants


Regular maintenance includes tasks like checking oil levels (for oil-lubricated compressors), cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting hoses and connections, draining moisture from the tank, and ensuring proper ventilation and cooling.

The duty cycle indicates the amount of time an air compressor can run within a specific time frame without overheating. It's crucial to consider the duty cycle, especially for heavy-duty applications, to prevent damage and ensure continuous operation.

The ability to run multiple tools simultaneously from a portable air compressor depends on several factors, including the compressor's capacity (measured in CFM or liters per minute), the air requirements of the tools, and the compressor's duty cycle.