DRI Products

Distribute. Remove. Isolate.

One of the largest hurdles of a compressed air system is removing in-line water build-up despite the placement of upstream dryers and filters. The DRI Products are tools specially designed to prevent this in-line water build-up.

Through the adoption of an element that is exclusively used for removing water droplets, the water remover captures the water as it moves through the housing. The DRI System is capable of achieving a water removal rate of 99%.



Ultra-Flex Manifolds

The Ultra-Flex Manifolds deliver incredible flexibility for a point-of-use solution with up to four separate outlet points to tackle any air system requirement.


Water Remover

A simple in-line or point-of-use solution for cost-effective removal of water.


Lockable Isolation Valve

The Isolation Valve ensures no compressed air will reach the point-of-use tools during maintenance.


    Ultra-Flex Manifolds

  • Four-point outlet with threaded inlet and base ports
  • Convenient mounting bracket with position grooves
  • Extruded aluminum body

  • Water Remover

  • Effectively removes 99% of water droplets in-line
  • Tempered sight glass allows visual indication of water capture
  • Long life element

  • Lockable Isolation Valve

  • OSHA-compliant lockable isolation valve
  • Prevents accidents caused by residual pressure
  • Optional mufflers available
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