CHX Series

System Flow Controllers

If your plant requires 90 psi of compressed air, why supply 150 psi? The CHX Series from Champion is a balanced flow controller which provides an economical and reliable single point of control when it comes to controlling the air pressure delivered to your operation.

  • Unit can be ordered for left to right or right to left flow to meet your installation needs
  • Balanced valve design provides immediate response to changes in air demand
  • NPT thread allow unit to connect easily into new or existing pipe systems
  • Nitrite seals for high level of chemical resistance
  • Dual stainless steel gauges allow easy reference to both inlet and outlet pressures
  • Tamper proof dial is centrally located for quick adjustment and easy calibration

CHX Savings Example – The 10/7 Equation

Due to the leaks and waste found in every compressed air system, reducing plant pressure by 10 psi results in a 7% energy reduction. Installing a CHX Controller, along with adequate compressed air storage, allows compressed air to be stored at a higher pressure while delivering consistent, low-pressure air to your application.

A 15 HP compressor running 3,000 hours per year at $0.10 per kW = $3,300 annual power consumption

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